Advisory Board

The advisory board of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) provides advice and resources to the department to help enhance its educational programs and the opportunities available to ECE students.  The board meets regularly with the department chair and leading faculty members to exchange ideas and create these opportunities.

ECE Advisory Board Members



Dr. Raheem Beyah
Motorola Foundation Professor of ECE
Georgia Institute of Technology

Dr. Maite Brandt-Pearce
Professor of ECE and Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
University of Virginia

Dr. Rama Chellappa
Minta Martin Professor
University of Maryland

Dr. Fabrizio Lombardi
ITC Endowed Professor of ECE
Northeastern University

Dr. George Pappas
Joseph Moore Professor and Chair of ESE
University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Athina Petropulu
Distinguished Professor of ECE
Rutgers University
Dr. Yan Solihin
Professor of ECE
University of Central Florida
Dr. Sennur Ulukus
Professor of ECE
University of Maryland
Dr. Kevin Walsh
Samuel Fife Endowed Professor of ECE and Associate Dean for Research
University of Louisville



Dr. Nedal Deeb
Founder and President
Delenova Energy
Mr. Zoran Mladenovic
General Manager, Software Development Organization
Texas Instruments
Mr. Asghar Mostafa
President and CEO
Rubriq Corporation
Dr. Anwar Walid
Head, Mathematics of Systems Research
Bell Labs, Murray Hill



Dr. Gerry Borsuk
Associate Director of Research for Systems
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Dr. Thyaga Nandagopal
Deputy Division Director
National Science Foundation
Dr. Michael Souryal
Spectrum Sharing Lead, Communications Technology Lab
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Dr. Ananthram Swami
Senior Research Scientist and ARL Fellow
U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Dr. Steven Weiss
Electronics Engineer
U.S. Army Research Laboratory



Dr. Nicholas Kyriakopoulos
Professor Emeritus
The George Washington University