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Fall 2021

Dr. Dehghanian to receive WAS Early Career Award

Spring 2021

Meet the ECE Department’s GW Monumental Alumni

Dr. Ahmadi wins George Washington Award

ECE students design equipment for US Department of Defense and VA

Dr. Louri named GW's 2021 Distinguished Researcher

Dr. Sorger wins DURIP Award

Fall 2020

Nicholas Jin is a recipient of the Tau Beta Pi Scholarship

Drs. Payman Dehghanian and Omur Ozel is part of an interdisciplinary team that has won a 1-year $150k NSF Grant

Dr. Mona Zaghloul and Dr. Jeanne Jordan have won a $50,000 COVID-19 Technology Maturation Award from GW’s Office of Technology Commercialization

Prof. Miscuglio and Prof. Sorger developed a breakthrough innovation that uses light to perform mathematical operations in neural networks

Dr. Dehghanian receives $250,000 National Science Foundation grant

Dr. Louri Receives IEEE Computer Society Edward J. McCluskey Technical Achievement Award

Dr. Sorger’s research featured in Optics & Photonics

GW Today highlights adaptation of ECE labs for virtual learning

Dr. Sorger wins AFOSR grant to study 2D materials photonics

Spring 2020

Caitlin Carfano recipient of the Professor Burton I. Edelson Scholarship

The IEEE Communications Society has re-appointed Dr. Suresh Subramaniam as IEEE Distinguished Lecturer for a second two-year term

Dr. Roger Lang has received a $35,000 NASA grant

Dr. Tian Lan has received a three-year, $300,000 research grant from the Office of Naval Research

Dr. Payman Dehghanian and his colleagues have received a 2020 Duke Energy Innovation Fund grant

Dr. Lan receives new patent

Dr. Volker Sorger and Dr. Tarek El-Ghazawi receive new patent

Professor Payman Dehghanian has received a $30K grant from Amazon Web Services

Professor Ahmed Louri was awarded a $1.2 Million NSF Grant

Dr. Louri to receive the 2020 IEEE Computer Society’s Edward J. McCluskey Technical Achievement Award

Dr. Gina Adam has received a two-year $175,000 CRII grant from the National Science Foundation

Dr. Howie Huang has received a $100,000 research grant from Booz Allen Hamilton

Shiyuan Wang awarded the 2020 IEEE Industry Application Society Prevention through Design Student Engineering Initiative

Breaking the Size and Speed Limit of Modulators: The Workhorses of the Internet

Analyzing Energy Constrained Networked Systems

CyberGraph Team wins at the 2020 New Venture Competition

Towards Artificial Synapses for Brain-inspired Computing

Point-of-care device would allow people to self-test at home for COVID-19

ECE 2020 End-of-the-Year Celebration

Dr. Mahdi Imani has received a $175,000 research grant from NSF

Dr. Huang’s “Cybergraph” featured in GW Today



Fall 2019

The Washington Post quoted Dr. Tarek El-Ghazawi

Drs. El-Ghazawi and Sorger receive patent for reconfigurable optical computer

Dr. Sorger wins Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers

Drs. Sorger and El-Ghazawi awarded a $3M grant from ONR

Drs. Tarek El-Ghazawi and Volker Sorger have received a 3-year $675K award from the Airforce Office of Scientific Research

Dr. Payman Dehghanian received the “2018-2019 Excellent Associate Editor Award” from the Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy’s editorial board

Dr. Dehghanian wins DOE award

GW has awarded two grants to Dr. Payman Dehghanian

Dr. Zaghloul and Yangyang Zhao win Best Paper Award at IEEE conference

Dr. Korman publishes new book

Dr. Sorger wins $1.1 million NSA/Army Research Office grant

Dr. Gina Adam received a $14,990 University Facilitating Fund grant from GW

Dr. Ahmed Louri awarded the IEEE Outstanding Leadership Award

Dr. Payman Dehghanian has received a $30,000 grant from Amazon Web Services

Dr. Louri receives NSF grant to develop neural network accelerators with vast speed improvement over existing accelerators

Raytheon provides additional research funding to Dr. Huang

Dr. Payman Dehghanian received the 2019 TechConnect Defense Innovation Award

The future of data processing

2019 GW Engineering Hall of Fame Inductees

ECE winners of SEAS Student R&D Showcase

Dr. Miguel Lejeune received the 2019 Koopman Award from the INFORMS Society

Hunting Cyber Threats in Enterprise Networks

Using Light for Data Processing and Computing

Dr. Gina Adam with collaborators from NIST and WD have received a one-year ONR/DARPA grant


Spring 2019

Dr. Volker Sorger and Dr. Tarek El-Ghazawi awarded the Highest Expected Future Impact Paper at the 2018 Cognitive Computing Conference

Dr. Payman Dehghanian was awarded the Myron-Zucker IEEE-IAS Student-Faculty Grant Program Fund

Dr. Payman Dehghanian and his colleague Dr. Miguel Lejeune have received a 2019-2020 Duke Energy Innovation Fund Grant

Dr. Venkataramani receives new patent

ECE student Mostafa Nazemi awarded Certificate of Excellence in Reviewing

ECE student Matt Taylor and Teammates awarded Best Pitch at 2019 Medical Solutions Hackathon

Dr. Amir Aslani is the Recipient of the 2018-2019 ECE Professor Of The Year

Dr. Subramaniam completed an IEEE Distinguished Lecture Tour of Australia

Reem Eltahir featured in GW Today article

ECE student Bo Wang received the 2019 IEEE Industry Application Society Myron Zucker Award

Dr. Sorger wins two Department of Defense DURIP grants

ECE congratulates our winners of the 2019 GW Research Days competition

Creating the Next Generation Data Center Network

ECE teams win top prizes at TCO Innovation Competition

ECE alumnus Dr. Ya-Qin Zhang elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Subramaniam and Rujia Zou win Best Paper Award at 23rd Conference on Optical Network Design and Modeling

Fan Yao wins 2019 ECE Best Dissertation Award

Maotong Xu wins 2019 ECE Best Dissertation Award

Samson March builds his own smart watch

NASA Astronaut Visits Oxon Hill Branch Library



Fall 2018

Dr. Ahmed Louri and his research team has published a seminal conference paper titled: “LEAD: Learning-enabled Energy-Aware Dynamic Voltage/Frequency Scaling in NoC”

Dr. Ahmed Louri and his research team published a seminal paper for scaling future computing chips to thousands of processors (or cores) on a single chip at a flagship conference on parallel computing

Dr. Ahmed Louri has been appointed the Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Computers

Dr. Huang receives $1.65M DARPA grant

Dr. Volker Sorger and his collaborator have received two NASA SBIR Phase 1 grants

Dr. Volker Sorger has been awarded an SBIR Phase II grant award titled “Toward Ultra-Dense Integrated Plasmonic Circuits”

Dr. Subramaniam receives NSF grant for network infrastructure resilience research

Researching Future​ ​Processors and Supercomputer​s

Dr. Lang receives $148K grant from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

Dr. Subramaniam and colleagues receive $496K NSF grant

Dr. Lan receives CISCO grant

Dr. Louri appointed chair of Computer Society committee

Safeguarding the Nation’s Electric Power Grid

Dr. Lang receives $360K ARO grant