Undergraduate Programs

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Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) offers two ABET-accredited Bachelor of Science degrees: one in electrical engineering and one in computer engineering.  In addition the department offers a minor in electrical engineering, a minor in computer engineering, and combined five-year programs.  Within each academic program, students have the opportunity to tailor the curriculum to suit their interests and needs through a variety of electives.  

Computer Engineering

Computer engineering combines electronic design, computer architecture, programming of computing systems, computer networks, and applied mathematics.  It not only focuses on how computer systems themselves work, but also how they integrate into the larger picture. Learn more about studying computer engineering at GW

Electrical Engineering 

Electrical engineering provides the technological foundation for the modern information society. Almost every technological advance made today can be traced to the work of electrical engineers.  Learn more about studying electrical engineering at GW.

Undergraduate Minors

The department offers a minor in computer engineering and a minor in electrical engineering. Please visit the GW Bulletin to see the requirements necessary to fulfill the minor in computer engineering or the minor in electrical engineering.

Combined Five-year Bachelor's/Master's Programs: All Students

Please select a link to learn about the program requirements for our combined five-year bachelor of science/master of science degree programs: